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Zhengzhou Yomier Food Machinery Co.,Ltd


Q1, what is MOQ?
A1, no matter which model 1set is our MOQ;

Q2,how many quantity can be inside containers?
A2, It depends on the length of your trailer.

Q3, what is payment Terms for making order?
A3, Our payment terms is T/T /LC/Trade Assurance and so on.

Q4, are you a manufacturer?
A4. yes,OEM,we are manufacturer with own workshop,welcome you to visit our factory if u have time;

Q5, can we make customized order?
A5, yes,we accept custom design based on 1set;

Q6, what equips come with the cart?
A6,It is with standard equipments,you could add what you want in th cart,much flexible and convenient for you;

Q7, can your cart meet our country's standards?
A7, we can do your order as your request to meet different standards .

Q8, What is your main market?

OA8, Qur main market is American/Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Dubai/Europer countries/Australian/New Zealand/Asia.

Q9,what is your producing time?
A9,Nornally is about 25days, and it depends on your quantity.

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